Why TheFilmSchool?

“Seattle is one of the 10 Best Cities for Aspiring Filmmakers“
Film Industry Magazine, December 2011

TheFilmSchool will give you the craft that will bring your stories alive and inspire you to express your voice in your work. It will change you.

By bringing artists together, TheFilmSchool builds a much-needed sense of community among its students and faculty. Throughout our programs, students and instructors share an experience that results in lasting relationships and ongoing collaboration. Students go on to form writing workshops with their classmates and develop mentorships with faculty.

Plus there’s absolutely no place like Seattle.

Long before Starbucks and Microsoft put Seattle on the corporate map, the city was a haven for artists, musicians and moviemakers. Since 2003, the city has helped 62 independent films get made in the area… This kind of support has brought many new moviemakers to the city and kept even more homegrown talents enthusiastic about shooting their films in Seattle.