3-Week Screenwriting & Filmmaking Bootcamp

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To be a successful in the digital age, writers and filmmakers must not only write exceptional stories, but also understand how to get their story from script to screen.You will experience a deeper connection to the creative part of you as this fast paced diversified program immerses you in character development, story structure, “on your feet” directing and acting, comedy improvisational writing, and the business of the business. At the end of 3 intense weeks you will emerge with a practical understanding of screenwriting, filmmaking, what is necessary to get your story from script to screen and a network of professionals at your fingertips.


Acting & Directing

Tom Skerritt | Award winning actor with over 35 feature films including MASH, Alien, Top Gun, A River Runs Through It, Steel Magnolias, Harold and Maude, and Contact.

Screenwriting & Visual Storytelling

Brian McDonald | Award-winning director/writer and lecturer who has worked as a story consultant for both Pixar and Disney Feature Animation.


Stacey Adams | Stacey recently held the position of Vice President of Current Programming at CBS Entertainment. Stacey managed the creative direction of drama and comedy series and oversaw CSI, CSI: Miami, The Big Bang Theory, and Flashpoint.

Diana Dotter | Executive Director of TheFilmSchool, Diana has two decades of experience in entertainment media, marketing, and business strategy. Diana co-produced the feature film “Zaytoun”, a special presentation at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival, AFI and London Film Festivals. Diana Executive Produced the documentary film “Against All Odds”, comedy pilot “Throw Me A Bone” and co-wrote the web and television series “Staffers”, “Operation Dust” and recently produced two TFS Digital Media Innovation Lab projects “Signs Everywhere” and El Camino Solo”

Character & Story Development 

Emily Zulauf | Emily started with Pixar in 2008. She worked as the Creative Development Associate, looking for writers to match with our directors, and most recently as the Script Supervisor on INSIDE OUT.

Guerrilla Filmmaking

Joseph Assi  | Joseph was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. He was able to get an education outside the camp due to the full scholarship he was given, until he finished his masters in Cinematography and Science.He taught Editing & Script development at the Academy of Arts & Sciences, Beirut. In 2010 he was chosen to be a main character in a documentary called On the Road in America.After participating in the documentary, he started making documentaries and films in the USA.


Comedy Writing Through Improvisation

Stan Wells | Former director of The Groundlings, has coached Conan O’Brian, Lisa Kudrow, Felicia Day, and more. Wells launched The Empty Stage in West LA in ’91 where he directed over six hundred shows a year for more than a decade.