Our Programs


3-Week Screenwriting & Filmmaking Bootcamp

TheFilmSchool’s Summer Intensive –a journey of self-discovery–taught by current industry leaders. This program is designed to help you unleash your unique storytelling voice and give you the tools to take your script from page to screen. A tour de force in screenwriting and directing.

Teen Script Writing & Directing Camp

Creative teens ages 13 – 17 •    Bring your story idea •    Write a production ready screenplay •   Learn the fundamentals of Directing •    Camp Location: Seattle Center SIFF Film

Script Development Lab I – Story Development

Designed for the aspiring writer and filmmaker.  Students work on the initial draft of their script and are guided through the core component of story development including: story structure, character development, and dialogue.

Script Development Lab II | Polishing the Script for Screen & TV

Prerequisite:  Story Development or Instructor Approval

Designed for the advanced screenwriter and filmmaker. Working with direct mentorship from faculty, students fine-tune their scripts to make them production ready.  Visual storytelling techniques will be introduced. Students will receive script notes, shoot parts of their script to ensure the story is being conveyed clearly and poignantly and camera as a character will be introduced.

Film Production Lab I | Pre-Production

Prerequisite:  Script Development Lab II or Instructor Approval of Script

In this course students learn and apply all aspects of pre-production.  This is a practical course where student take their polished-shoot ready script and execute the pre-production steps of budgeting, scheduling, casting, crew, scouting and securing locations, SAG contracts and funding.

Film Production Lab II | Production

Prerequisite:  Film Production Lab I

Scripts that have gone through the Film Production Lab I will be eligible for
consideration and selection for this course.  Students will shoot, edit, score and execute all aspects of post-production on their script. TFS will act as co-producer on projects selected from the Film Production Lab I and will utilize its resources to provide professional production support.


Acting & Directing with Tom Skerrit

TFS Founder & Emmy Award Winning Actor Tom Skerritt will teach an advanced acting & directing workshop for a limited number of students.

On Camera Scene Study Class with Tom Skerritt

Students are expected to prepare a 3 page scene that will be provided by the instructor. Scenes will be rehearsed in class, performed for instructor and peers and videotaped for in-class review and feedback.

Advanced Filmmaking Technique with Joseph Assi

In this weekend workshop Joseph Assi will teach you how to make a powerful film using the technology in your back pocket …your iPhone. No longer are filmmakers beholden to expensive equipment and lengthly production schedules. Utilizing current technology now allows filmmakers to tell their story and share it with the world with virtually little to no budgets.

Writing an Original Series Pilot for TV or Web with Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman will work with students individually and in groups in this two day workshop that addresses how to write a television pilot.


Speaker Series

A free public program that brings in top writers, directors and producers to share their work and engage in conversation sharing their wisdom and insider tips on how to get your work made and sold.

First Tuesdays

Professional Development workshops held on the first Tuesday of every month at Roy Street Coffee on Capital Hill. Each month focuses on a screenwriting or filmmaking element and is conducted by industry professionals that have had success as a creative.

Mission Driven Storytelling

A partnership between TFS Alumni and Seattle Non-Profits