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At the heart of every great screenplay is a great story. TheFilmSchool’s Screenwriting program will give you the tools that you need to craft your story into a production ready script.


Through TheFilmSchool’s Digital Media Innovation Lab students are exposed to all aspects of filmmaking, learning from working professionals that are the top in their fields.


A journey of self-discovery- taught by current industry leaders. This program is designed to help unleash your unique storytelling voice and give you the tools to take your script from page to screen. A tour-de-force in screenwriting and directing.

To be successful in the digital age, writers and filmmakers must not only write exceptional stories, but also understand how to get their story from script to screen. You will experience a deeper connection to the creative part of you as this fast paced diversified program immerses you in character development, story structure, “on your feet” directing and acting, comedy improvisational writing, and the business of the business. At the end of three intense weeks you will emerge with a practical understanding of screenwriting, filmmaking, and what is necessary to get your story from script to screen, and a network of professionals at your fingertips.

Dates: July 10th – July 30th : Monday – Saturday 10am-7pm Location: TheFilmSchool at SIFF Center


Brian McDonald (PIXAR), Joseph Assi (AL JAZEERA), Stacey Adams (CBS), Warren Etheredge (THE HIGH BAR), Stan Wells (GROUNDLINGS), Tom Skerritt (TFS FOUNDER, AWARD WINNING ACTOR, Mash, Top Gun, A River Runs Through It), Diana Dotter, Producer “Zaytoun” & Executive Director TheFilmSchool, and Emily Zulauf.

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This summer camp is for teens ages 13 – 17 who want to learn how to create a production-ready short script. Students will be paired in groups of two and will work collaboratively in creating a shootable three to five page script.

Students who participate in TheFilmSchool Camp will receive guaranteed admission into the SIFF Teen Production Camp (separate registration and fee through SIFF Education).

Scripts from the TheFilmSchool Camp will be chosen for production in the SIFF Teen Production Camp and will be shot at Seattle Center.

Dates: Aug. 15th – Aug. 19: Monday – Friday 10am – 3:30pm Location: TheFilmSchool at SIFF Center

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Digital Media Innovation Lab

Elevate Your Craft

TheFilmSchool provides you with the education, practical tools and real life experience necessary to prepare you for a career in screenwriting and filmmaking.

At TheFilmSchool you will be instructed and mentored by award winning faculty and industry professionals that are passionate about helping writers and filmmakers find their personal and authentic voice. We believe that in this digital age, stories are the most powerful means to connect and inspire. So whether your passion is web series, comedy, drama, short films or features, TheFilmSchool has the program to help you elevate your work and prepare you to bring your unique story to the world.

Many of our alumni have called their time with us “life-changing.”