Your Story Starts Here

For people who are passionately driven to create stories, TheFilmSchool is THE cultural center for finding their personal voice and learning the craft of expressing their fearlessly authentic voice. We believe, as Shakespeare said, “The play’s the thing,” and are elevating the art of storytelling by training a new generation of writers from all over the world, not just for film but also television, theatre, novels, short stories, web series, and even businesses. Many of our graduates have gone on to success starting film companies, making movies, winning awards and signing with industry agents and many have called their time with us “life-changing.”

Why Come to TheFilmSchool?

Because you want to tell your story. Because you want to write. Because you want to make movies. We uniquely focus on story development and not on the camera, believing the craft of story must be mastered first. We are a catalyst for deep self-discovery that drives the development of your own personal voice. You will learn from passionate, successful film industry professionals to create fearlessly AUTHENTIC, NAKED STORIES expressed through film. Study with us for three “life-changing” intense weeks in beautiful Seattle and see why the indie film scene is growing here faster than any other place. Become part of a global community of like-minded storytellers that enjoys ongoing mentorship and inspiration. Take risks. Dare to fail. Embrace mistakes. Master craft and tell your truth at TheFilmSchool.

Unleash Your Story

TheFilmSchool’s mission is to elevate the art of cinematic storytelling through intensive training in screenwriting and directing.


Alumni Success Stories

Bert & Bertie to Direct $20M Feature … The BAFTA award-winning female duo Bert & Bertie will direct Intandem’s latest feature LUCIDITY. Read More

SOMETHING SPECIAL is headed to Cannes … TheFilmSchool alum and previous winner of the Great American Short Screenplay Contest, Kristi Simkins’ short film, Something Special, is on it’s way to Cannes! Read More

Meet The Faculty

  • Tom Skerritt
  • Warren Etheredge
  • Brian McDonald
  • Diana Dotter

Our dedicated and highly experienced faculty coaches, nurtures and pushes you into yourself to find your personal voice. They drive the importance of craft and discipline into you so you start practicing daily to produce product. The faculty is made up of working filmmakers who believe that the essential skills of storytelling come from courageous self-expression and self worth: find your voice, trust it, and value it. Their critiques help you build confidence, face weaknesses, know yourself, and teach you to acknowledge and project your inner voice. Each one of our faculty knows that truth told with authenticity and craft is unforgettable and they’re there to help you.

The Best Place in the World to Study Story.
- Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects)