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At the heart of every great screenplay is a great story. TheFilmSchool’s Screenwriting program will give you the tools that you need to craft your story into a production ready script.


Through TheFilmSchool’s Digital Media Innovation Lab students are exposed to all aspects of filmmaking, learning from working professionals that are the top in their fields.

Script Development Lab I – Story Development

Designed for the aspiring writer and filmmaker.  Students work on the initial draft of their script and are guided through the core component of story development including: story structure, character development, and dialogue.

Script Development Lab I is an 8-Week Comprehensive fundamental  Screenwriting course that will cover story structure, dialogue breakdowns, camera angles and everything in-between.

No longer do we live in a world, which requires a large budget and insider connections to complete a movie.  In Script Development Lab I, you will acquire the tools necessary to bring your script to its most basic level before preparing for production.  Each week different instructors will help you through the process of better understanding the fundamental elements that create a good story as well as begin to unwind the technical tools available to you that will help you write stories that can actually be produced in this day and age.

Digital Media Innovation Lab

Elevate Your Craft

TheFilmSchool provides you with the education, practical tools and real life experience necessary to prepare you for a career in screenwriting and filmmaking.

At TheFilmSchool you will be instructed and mentored by award winning faculty and industry professionals that are passionate about helping writers and filmmakers find their personal and authentic voice. We believe that in this digital age, stories are the most powerful means to connect and inspire. So whether your passion is web series, comedy, drama, short films or features, TheFilmSchool has the program to help you elevate your work and prepare you to bring your unique story to the world.

Many of our alumni have called their time with us “life-changing.”